Be it a Company, School or vehicle fleet, the best security is the proactive prevention of mishaps. Seekwiz helps you monitoring your loved ones, students, employees and also your vehicle fleet.

The easy interface and powerful reporting tools will reduce the burden on the administrator.

Seekwiz helps in organizing the commute and reducing the mobility costs.

Seekwiz provides excellent security to your loved ones, students, employees, and vehicle fleet in the current vulnerable social environment.

The school, company or fleet owner can check operational costs using timely and accurate data. On-demand history for referential data points depicts the clear status of all vehicles and involved persons.


For Parents

Addresses uncertainty of the whereabouts of children in transit in real-time.

Customized notifications to parents about the arrivals and departures of the bus.

Prevent long wait time for pickup & drop as vehicle movement can be seen real-time at parent's app.

Emergency broadcast important message to all or a group of selected parents from an authentic source.

For Schools

Ensures complete documentations compliance by vehicle provider.

Web-Based Dashboard for instant communication and effective management.

Role-based access (RBA) for fleet monitoring as per School Shifts.

In-built effective route optimizations. Multiple route associations, shift timings controlled via one single dashboard.

Customizable or configurable timetable for academic and vacation calendar, special time slots.

Provides connect with the
vehicle and location .

Peace of Mind

Real-time location and progress. Added safety for female employees in transit.

Intuitive and customizable dashboard for easy and effective administration.

Custom notifications to Transport department or Admin about the arrivals and departures of Buses and Cabs.

In-built effective route optimizations. Multiple route associations.

shift timings controlled via one single dashboard, Calendar Facility to schedule trips on specific days.

Avoids long wait times for pickup/drop for vehicle arrival.

Employee app provides driver and vehicle information.

Comprehensive vehicle and driver compliance.

Automated reminders to avoid certificate expiry by vehicle providers.

Always in the know - Relevant & Precise information presented to the owner.

You or your family can always check the location of the vehicle! No more stressed calls.

On-demand History offers a dynamic selection of trip history in last 24 hours.

Weekly report of average speed, locations.

More safety - monitoring to bring in discipline among drivers.

Instant over-speeding alerts .

Grid exit alert- If vehicle crosses marked geographical area, the owner is immediately informed.

Secure lock - If the vehicle is towed, or moved by an unauthorized person, an alert is sent. Very helpful if the vehicle is stolen.

Find my vehicle - for finding your vehicle in crowded areas and large parking lots.

Clean Interface - only Seekwiz user list pops up.

Control how long to share your live location.

Expiry - Location sharing expires after a predetermined time.

End-to-end encrypted, which means no one can see your live location except the people you shared with.

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Enterprise Plus

Auto rostering – Single click rostering for employee routes. Hassle free & Quick roster generation.

Driver App – Drive with SeekWiz app for cab drivers for hassle free navigation during pickup and drop.

Add-on RFID based module

In app panic button


Robust Employee Mobile App – Live Tracking, Arrival, Departure notifications.

Vehicle Compliance

Intuitive data analytics dashboard


Track your own vehicles LIVE

Speed, Distance reports at fingertips

Grid Alerts

Peer Locator

LIVE location sharing with friends and family

Peace of mind

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

  • SeekWiz app at present is available for Android (4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich and above) and iOS (10.0 and above) platforms.
  • A phone/tablet with GSM/CDMA SIM.
  • SMS support for user verification (Optional missed call based verification also present).
  • In case of Dual SIM phones SeekWiz currently only supports primary SIM.
  • SeekWiz requires an active internet connection.
  • SeekWiz app provides the parent with an opportunity to be in the know. One can install the SeekWiz app from Playstore or Appstore .
  • SeekWiz will enforce the user to verify the primary mobile number on the phone.
  • Please refer the question "User verification is failing, what could be the reason?" in case you have trouble with verification.
  • Once verification is done, routes which have already been assigned to your primary number by school will appear under the "Tracked Routes" view on Android and "Locate" Tab on iOS.
  • In case you do not see routes please contact us using mechanisms mentioned in the "How to contact SeekWiz for feedback, issues, clarifications etc?"
  • SeekWiz provides customizable notification, which can be configured by clicking 'Settings/Info' icon on each route card.
  • Important configurations per route are "Pickup/Drop" point for your ward and the "Notify me at" point.
  • "Notify me at" point, is the point, where once the bus reaches, system generates a "Get Ready" notification for you.
  • SeekWiz provides in-app provision to contact us.
  • Under "Settings" - "Feedback" When using the above mechanism user has an option of keeping his identity (verified mobile number) anonymous.
  • But do remember if you need us to get back to you, or fix a problem you have, we need the verified mobile number.
  • You can also reach our helpdesk at sales@sigmapeiron.com for support.
  • Sending a mail to helpdesk will automatically file a ticket on our side and we will follow-up on the same.
  • Finally you can reach us using "Contact" form on our website located here.
  • Make sure SeekWiz app has been granted access/permissions it requests for.
  • The number provided for verification is in fact the or one of the active phone numbers of the mobile you have SeekWiz installed on and trying to verify.
  • The number provided is active and can receive incoming calls when using missed call verification and can send SMS when using SMS based verification.
  • Make sure third party SMS managers are disabled if using SMS based verification.
  • Active internet connection when performing verification is a must.
  • Do not pick up the verification call. It typically is from a number starting with +1.
  • In case of VOLTE connections like Reliance Jio, the counter will continue to countdown even after the missed call.
  • Once the counter counts down to 0, it will authenticate the credentials and go ahead.
  • Make sure call forwarding has not been enabled for the number you have used to Verify.
  • Sometimes due to network congestion the missed call might not arrive in time.
  • If the counter counts down to 0 and you did not receive a miss call and if all the points are accounted for, please proceed to try again.
  • When using missed call based verification, do give it a try couple of times.
  • Often network congestion leads to missed call not reaching you in time.
  • Before going to Playstore and Appstore and dropping a negative and often demeaning review please understand that SeekWiz team has no benefit in on-boarding few students and not on-boarding others.
  • As would be with any startup, we are keen on growing our reach. We can understand the anguish of a paying customer for service but any system’s output is as good as the input.
  • The inputs here are directly delivered by school. First time delivery of data might not be smooth since schools are not used to such formal data delivery.
  • It takes SeekWiz deployment team, minimum of two weeks to finish deployment after the entire fleet of school has been enabled with SeekWiz GPS devices and complete and final data from school is available.
  • Data is bulk uploaded to our servers and if there are no routes assigned to your number or wrong routes assigned, please understand this is directly coming from data handed over.
  • We do not manually map any information unless an issue is reported and we need to fix the same.
  • We spend a decent amount of time validating data sent for issues and errors.
  • Delays in deployment could be a result of such issues found in incoming data and us waiting for updated data coming from school.
  • When SeekWiz deployment is happening in parallel with a start of a new academic year, it is always possible school is also not settled on the actual fleet size, routes, pickup and drop points, student association to routes and vehicle association to routes.
  • It is quite a mammoth task and primary focus from school at this point is to make sure fleet runs correctly and kids do not suffer.
  • In this timeframe often data delivered to us is delayed and our hands are tied.
  • During this period vehicles are switched, newer vehicles are added etc. So it is not possible for us to dynamically keep updating data in SeekWiz.
  • Our helpdesk is always open for all enquiries. You can drop a mail at sales@sigmapeiron.com.
  • If there is a mistake in the data, we will try fixing it. But some updates need the school to update the incoming data to us so our support team might ask you to contact school.